40 Tips for Selling Your Own Home

40 Tips for Selling your own Home
40 Tips for Selling your own Home

40 Tips for Selling Your Home from dynamic agents

Here are some tips and tasks you might want to complete before starting your mission to Sell your Home. 

Selling your home will probably be one of the most significant financial moves you will make.
Here are a few tips to help get you started:
1. High pressure Clean the Driveway – Clean the driveway and any decks before Selling your home Privately. The driveway is usually the first thing the buyers see as they walk into the property, so it needs to be inviting and create a stunning first impression.
2. Remove all mould – Before you even think about Selling your own Home, carefully walk around your house and remove any mould that has built up while you have lived there.
3. Clean your house like it’s never been cleaned before! – Buyers hate messy or dirty houses. Aside from the basics of dusting, vacuuming and mopping, pay attention to the details such as light switches, polishing door knobs and washing curtains/blinds etc.
4. Clean the windows –  Invest in a bottle of Windex, pick up a newspaper, and the rest comes down to elbow grease, but it will be well worth it.
5. De-clutter the house – If you are trying to sell your home, you must clear the clutter. Removing extra bits and pieces will help make the room look much more significant, cleaner and brighter.
6. Organise cupboards – Cupboards are a great place to hide things, but buyers are assessing the practicality of the home, and they will most likely be opening cupboards.
7. Get all New handles on kitchen cabinets and drawers – When you sell your home, replacing these can give an overall new appearance to older cabinets. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to breathe new life into your kitchen.
8. Freshly paint the Home before you Sell – When you’re Selling your home, you can’t go wrong with a fresh coat of paint on the walls, skirting, trims, doors, or windows. You’d be surprised at how new you can make a house look with fresh paint. 
9. Get a New letterbox – Before someone can buy your Home, it’s important to create happy first impressions in the minds of the buyers, therefore, a new letterbox is another simple and cost effective way to update the look of your home.  

10. Replace all the light bulbs – Install high wattage bulbs to brighten up dark rooms and replace any yellow or flickering bulbs. Getting bright looking rooms will help you Sell your own Home!
11. Update the front door handles and hinges – Update anything outdated or looking worse for wear, including door handles and hinges… especially at the front door.
12. Clean the ovens in the Home – Prospective buyers spend a lot of time in the kitchen at open houses and showings – and you can bet they will open up the oven to see how large and clean it is. 
13. Invest in easy-to-read house numbers – When Selling your own Home, it’s best if the buyers can first spot your home from the street.
14. Style your dining room table – Set the scene and help the buyer imagine family dinners and events at the house by staging the dining room table. 
15. Give every room in the Home a purpose – If you have an empty room, consider turning it into a kid’s playroom, home gym, study, cinema or rumpus room. 
16. Do your building & pest inspection BEFORE you sell – This will help identify any issues with the property that you can quickly fix before the sale and help you avoid any nasty surprises. Buyers will look at your home more confidently if you can produce a recent building and pest report.
17. Organise any children’s rooms – Help convince your buyer that this house will do just that – by organizing your kids’ toys neatly.
18. Buy a new mat for the front door – Why not? It’s cheap and helps present the home fresh, modern. Remember, first impressions count!
19. Depersonalise your home – Remove all personal items, such as family pictures. The buyers want to visualize themselves in the house with their belongings. The best way to help them do this is to remove any bold furniture or accessories, which will also help the space appear as large as possible.
20. Forget your taste. Be Neutral – Try to understand the demographics of the potential buyer – and learn what style they like. For example, if you are selling to first time homeowners, they are probably young and not as interested in dark wood trim – so paint it white or neutral colours instead.
21. Clean up the fridge – No one wants to look at magnets on the fridge, so it’s best to pack them away for now. It makes the photos come up a lot better too
22. Clear all kitchen and bathroom benches – When selling your home, you want your house to appear new, clean and spacious, so remove any items on your benches to help improve the room’s appearance. 
23. Replace faulty power outlets – The devil is in the details. Buyers notice details, so for a small amount of money, make sure all the outlets match and work safely.
24. Patch any cracks, dents or holes in the walls – Buyers don’t want to be fixing up your dodgy handy work. These are often the first thing buyers see in a room; therefore, depending on the job, you may be able to repair them with some putty and paint, which will immediately help lift the room.
25. Landscape, landscape, landscape! – Landscaping helps create the impression of a lifestyle at a small cost. Think a new layer of mulch in the garden, weed and feed the lawn, lay some new grass, or place some feature pot plants around the house.
26. Mow the lawns – If you don’t own a lawn mower, hire someone to come and help maintain your yard while your house is on the market.

27. Organize and clipper the gardens – This will make the garden look much more attractive and help the buyers envision themselves relaxing in the space.
28. Showcase the pool or outside area – When learning How to Sell your home, understanding how to Showcase things is essential. A pool is a major attraction for buyers in Australia.
29. Repair any leaking or faulty taps – Buyers want a fully functioning Home. Ensure all the taps and showers are working correctly before selling your home.
30. Clean the carpet – This is pretty self explanatory, yet surprisingly many people overlook this. This service may set you back a few hundred dollars, which will help the house feel brand new.
31. Remove the rubbish bins from the front yard – The last thing buyers want to see as they enter a property is the rubbish bins. Hide them down the side of the house, behind a gate or away from sight. Out of sight, out of mind.
32. Create a nice area  – You don’t want them bumping awkwardly into furniture as they move about, so make sure the path through the house flows nicely and remove any obstacles. Keep everything tidy!
33. In winter, heat up the house – Heat the house in winter, cool it down in summer. It just helps set the mood
34. Remove nasty pet smells – You may be used to the smell of your pets, but your potential buyers are not. If you have pets, get all rugs steam cleaned and be extra vigilant about vacuuming and washing surfaces. Buyers 100% will be able to smell your animals… even if you can’t.
35. Remove cigarette smells – Any non-smoker can smell the smoke in your house. While your property is on the market, avoid smoking in or near the house.
36. Fresh flowers or scented candles on tables – Lift the house’s appearance, mood and smell. Just having this simple piece of art can brighten an entire room.
37. Have food or light snacks on display – People love food. Buyers love food. Everyone loves food… The longer they spend in the home, the more likely they’ll make an offer.
38. Secure precious items in a secure location – Not that this happens often, but for security and safety reasons, it’s best to put any precious items, such as family heirlooms or jewellery, in a safe, secure location before the photos and open houses.
39. Tell your friends! – And your friends, friends! – Be the cheerleader for the home that you’re looking for! Spread the news on Social Media, do letterbox drops, inform everyone you know that you are selling your home, and encourage others to share the news.
40. Create an ideal First impression so the buyer falls in love – Most buyers decide if they’ll place an offer on the house within seconds; making an excellent first impression is vital.

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